Product Update: Sponsored Events

This update allows handling of donations arising from sponsored events using a special page for this purpose on Fund Filer. The ‘Sponsored Events’ page is accessible from the ‘quick jump’ menu, top right of the green strip on all donation entry pages.

HMRC requires data for sponsored events to be recorded slightly differently to regular donations. Each participant in the event needs to be registered much as a donor would be.  The page then works in a very similar way to the ‘Individual Donations’ page, with the sum value of that participant’s donations recorded as a single entry.

When a repayment claim is created. Fund Filer handles and submits the data in accordance with HMRC requirements as part of your repayment claim. See illustrations below. Simple!



sponsored events

One Response to Product Update: Sponsored Events

  1. Cheryl Gentle December 19, 2014 at 10:59 am #

    Sounds a great tool. I’ve a sponsored event just come in so can try it within next few days. Thanks!