Product Update: Improved SSL Certificate

An update you might not have noticed in 2014 is our enhanced SSL certificate. We constantly look for way to uprate security on Fund Filer, but importantly also give peace of mind to users.

Since its launch several years ago, Fund Filer has always held an SSL certificate to ensure all traffic between users and our servers is encypted. The new certificate is an ‘Extended Validation SSL Certificate’. We had to jump through several hoops over several weeks before our certificate authority, Thawte, granted it. Their research into us was very thorough. Essentially it gives users a means of ensuring they are connected to a site run by Fund Filer Ltd in the UK.

This certificate, along with the encryption we use, is the same as used by banks on their websites.

For your general knowledge, below are the two types of SSL references you might see in the URL bar of a secure website. The first is the enhanced one, seen on superior sites, and features a padlock with the name of the company and the letters (GB) in brackets. You should always look for this if on a financial site of any kind, such as a bank.

FF encryption

Below is the standard SSL certificate.

FF encryption old

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