Product Update: Giving Levels Report

Fund Filer’s ‘Giving Levels’ report is a potentially invaluable resource form income an campaign planning. It shows how many donors are giving regularly and at what contribution levels. It becomes increasingly useful as data builds up on Fund Filer. The report works in bands, £1-£3, £4-£6, £7-£10 and so on via one axis, with frequency shown on the other axis, including one-offs.

Information is initially shown as a summary report. This can be expanded to show the underlying donors in each category. All great material for building reports to that committee or PCC meeting!

An impressive aspect of this report is that users do not have to mark donations or donor records with giving frequency or donation size. Fund Filer works it all out itself using a clever algorithm in the background. Magic!

We extend grateful thanks to the stewardship department at the Church of Scotland for its help in designing this report.

See illustrations below.


Figure 1


Figure 2


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