Gift Aid envelopes – unlimited validity

gaenvs1In case you are not aware, Gift Aid envelopes bought before mid-October last year are still valid even if they don’t bear the latest recommended wording from HMRC.

The key date in this is 21 October 2015, the date HMRC announced revised wording for declarations. A harsh deadline of 05 April 2016 had originally been set for moving to the new style.

This decision was made without regard for the practical consequences of this for tens of thousands of churches and small charities across Britain, who at the time were holding stocks of Gift Aid envelopes running into millions.

Our sister company, Envelope Systems, led a campaign to revise this deadline, pointing out the massive cost and waste to the sector – and won. It was a comprehensive win with HMRC agreeing that supplies could be used up with no deadline.

So there’s no need to rush out and replace just because 05 April has passed. Use up your stocks first. However, should you need fresh envelopes or are thinking of using envelopes for the first time in connection with Gift Aid, Envelope Systems is the place to go:, contact us by email at or by phone: 01767 681717.

Please also note that there is no obligation to change any other type of declaration that was already in place on 21 October 2015, for example enduring declarations for regular givers. Only new declarations created since that date need to bear the new wording.

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