Product Update: Adding Donors to GASDS

The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme is an excellent opportunity to reclaim Gift Aid without any audit trail or paperwork. This is fine for genuinely anonymous cash gifts, but donations from non-taxpayers making regular donations qualify for GASDS in just the same way as loose cash donations.

Most Fund Filer users still like to keep full donation records for loyal givers loyal supporters even if not Gift Aid is being claimed. This is for completeness of information and allows thank yous to be sent. This update enables these donations to be added to GASDS while still preserving donation history for non-Gift Aid donors.

This is administered at the claiming stage. Fund Filer now looks at unclaimed data in a customer’s database and offers any that look as though they might qualify for GASDS, as shown below.


Figure 1

Whether or not to pursue this is optional. If you wish to do so, Fund Filer allows a click through and choice of what you wish to add. The system will only offer donations of £20 or less posted as cash or envelopes, and covers the current and past year. This facility also includes full functionality for community buildings, as below.


Figure 2

Summary figures are given for each donor, with a facility for a quick view of the donations underlying the figures being offered, see below. Donations added to GASDS are reported in the normal list of donations from specific donors, but marked ‘claimed via GASDS’.


Figure 3



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