1046 authentication errors – a very, very frequently asked question!


A question coming in at least once daily now to the Fund Filer support desk concerns the ‘1046 authentication error’.

The 1046 error is the most common HMRC response when a claim fails validation at the Government Gateway.

The answer is ALWAYS the same. The problem is either:

  • The HMRC Reference you’ve recorded on Fund Filer
  • The User ID you’ve given on the ‘submit claim’ page
  • The password you’ve given on the ‘submit claim’ page

It has to be one of these three because these are the only pieces of information the Gateway looks at when deciding whether to allow your claim to proceed or not.

The claim could still fail for other reasons later on the process, but other factors, such as name of authorised signatory or specific aspects of the claim, don’t form part of the Gateway validation.

As we are asked about this so frequently, we have a special article on the 1046 error on our Knowledge Base that you can access.

The article gives details of the most common traps that can cause a user to input the incorrect information when submitting their claim from Fund Filer. The article also contains answers and workarounds for resolving this problem.

We hope this summary of the issue and the Knowledge Base article will assist should you encounter this error.


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