GASDS update – multiple donations can qualify

Several small donations received together CAN be included in a claim under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) in specific circumstances, even if they total more than the £30 maximum donation limit, HMRC has confirmed. The explanation from HMRC’s Charities Unit follows efforts by Envelope Systems to seek clarity as to how churches and […]

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Let HMRC know who runs the finances

HMRC will recognise up to two ‘authorised officials’ for the purposes of managing a charity’s tax affairs. Once recognised, these officers are able to claim Gift Aid, file tax returns and speak directly with HMRC. Understanding ‘authorised signatories’ is a question we are often asked about, particularly at our sister company, Fund Filer. In speaking […]

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Product Update: Donors Area

As part of our commitment to continually improving Fund Filer, we are delighted to announce several major enhancements to the donors area. Included in this update: A new ‘summary view’ for each donor, showing important information at a glance, including donation history. New facilities to: edit donations while viewing a donor record generate statements direct from […]

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Gift Aid envelopes – unlimited validity

In case you are not aware, Gift Aid envelopes bought before mid-October last year are still valid even if they don’t bear the latest recommended wording from HMRC. The key date in this is 21 October 2015, the date HMRC announced revised wording for declarations. A harsh deadline of 05 April 2016 had originally been […]

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GASDS annual limit is now £8,000 per annum

The start of the new 2016/2017 tax year has seen the annual limit for claiming under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme rise from £5,000 per annum to £8,000 per annum. Remember the GASDS year runs with the tax year, 06 April until 05 April, irrespective of your accounting year, which might be different. Fund […]

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Good news on GASDS for single churches

Many single church parishes can now enjoy the same benefits that other charities enjoy following the end of a long-running dispute between HMRC and the Church of England over how the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) applies to Anglicans. The main beneficiaries of the new accord are Anglicans comprising just one church, which are […]

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Gateway Update? What Gateway Update?

A totally smooth transition has left Fund Filer users blissfully unaware of a major change to the way HMRC receives Gift Aid submissions. Implementing new code for this important upgrade was crucial to ensure claims would still submit successfully through the Gateway. However for Fund Filer users the event required no downloads, no new installations, […]

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